There’s No Such Thing As a Free Event Photographer Or Is There?

Yes it can be done! While there’s no such thing as a free lunch, you can get a Professional Photographer to cover your Corporate Ball, School Prom, Rugby final or Charity Event free.

Even better, if you pick the right company photographer free they will bring a mobile photo studio and print stunning photos on the spot. Some will even frame them for you. Some will give you a percentage of their turnover back! So what’s the catch?

When we attend events free, we rely on the quality of our professional camera equipment, lenses and lighting to produce results that the guests couldn’t possibly get close to, even with high quality point and shoots. There is no pressure put on guests to purchase anything, but once they see the sheer quality of the photographs they always do. That’s how a proper Event Photography company works.
For a big charity event we will charge whatever the organisers think the guests will pay, and anything above our base price goes to the fundraisers. At one event we had a very famous boxer posing with guests and signing the photos as they cam out. Guests were paying £100 each for the privilege and were very happy to do so. We happily took out miserly £7.50 as it was for a great cause and we got photos with him as well.

By bringing portable wireless lighting and a green screen or high key white screen, the photographer can produce near studio quality photographs quickly and efficiently with a limitless variety of backgrounds, magazine covers, film posters and more.

The latest high end photolabs such as the Mitsubishi Click coupled with wireless viewing stations placed around an event allow the Photographer and his team to quickly print and mount the photographs the guests want, so prices can be kept low. Real photographs can be produced on the same equipment used in high street labs very quickly.

We usually charge £7.50 for a photoshoot and large 9″ x 6″ photograph mounted ready to display. We offer three for £20 as guests always want more than one. Each guest, couple or group are shot in a variety of poses, usually full length, 3/4 length, landscape head and shoulders and a closeup. We can even do a digital makeover whilst adding different backdrops.
So yes, you can have all this FREE at your event, provided we are confident we will sell enough photos to cover the costs of the time, labour, travel, equipment, insurance and consumables. If it’s a small event of just say 50 people or less we would rather set a fixed price for the night and give everyone photographs.

That would be £250 for the night for example and everyone would receive a framed 9×6 photo. Any extras would be charged at just £5. We do charge less than anyone else, some companies want £15 for a framed 9×6, some even more. That’s their choice, it’s a free market and we enjoy what we do, we would rather be out photographing than sat indoors counting profits.

But we offer more than just coverage on the night! After EVERY event we attend we set the photos to music and make a video which we give to the organisers free. We also facebook ALL the photos that people have paid for. And we let the organisers have photos for use on their websites. Plus every picture is put on the website as people often want more copies for parents etc. So you get all that as well.

The expertise and experience of a Pro photographer who is used to working in all kinds of situations and lighting is a valuable commodity as those of you who have paid hundreds or even thousands for a days shoot will appreciate. But we really can get very close to studio standards, after all we are using the same cameras, lenses and lighting, and running the same software. The main difference is time, we work quickly.

At outdoor events we rely on the expertise and equipment used by our photographers to get the shots the parents and spectators just can’t. We use 500mm sports lenses on fast Nikon D700’s to get vivid and sharp shots even in dull light. As these are image stabilised we don’t even have cumbersome monopods so can cover the whole field quickly.

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