How to Use Guerilla Education Marketing to Get the Word Out About Your School

Education marketing is one of the most competitive areas of marketing. It has to be creative and original to stand out from competitors. A variety of strategies is needed to create a successful marketing campaign. Many educational institutes are embracing guerilla marketing tactics to get the word out about their schools. These strategies include activation at events and partnering with brands and causes that are aligned with their educational missions. This will help you surprise and delight your audience, creating a positive impression.

First, make your website user-friendly. People often look for educational content that is easy to use and read. Make sure that your content is relevant to the specific topic the prospect is looking for. Secondly, personalize the website. Almost 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before paying for a product or service.

Finally, social media can help you attract younger students. Millennials are particularly active on social media sites. By engaging with them, you can spread targeted information and foster strong brand connections. Social media is an increasingly competitive field and educational institutions must embrace digital marketing techniques to stay competitive. While it is not easy, if used properly, social media marketing can lead to higher revenue and reduce cost per lead.

In addition to creating an online presence, education marketing can be done through offline means. A good example is video content. A large section of the audience prefers video content over text. Using live videos of school activities is very effective. Another great idea is to create a blog that provides information about school activities and updates. You can also create an app to connect with community members and stakeholders. You can even create a Facebook group that includes parents, students, and other interested groups.

Finally, you need to make sure to make the website mobile-friendly. Today’s mobile users want convenience. They want the ability to access educational content on the go. With educational apps, this is now a reality. These apps can link directly to the lesson, help students solve problems, and ask questions. By making learning convenient, educational apps are the perfect way to retain users.

Students are great at sharing their personal experiences. By incorporating their stories and insights, current students can inspire prospective students and turn skeptical applicants into excited future students. Elon University recently shared a video of a current student giving advice to incoming freshmen. Daycare marketing services By creating real connections, educators can turn even the most skeptical applicants into eager future students. Eighty-four percent of university leaders believe in hosting in-person events to engage with potential students.

Higher education marketing requires a blend of traditional and digital marketing strategies. Because there are so many different groups of students, the strategies must be broad-based yet individually targeted. The challenges are many, but higher education marketing agencies must use a variety of marketing strategies to increase brand recognition and reach a broader audience.

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